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ATignition :

The ATignition program is an initiative started by ATI help address the skill gaps faced by many of our clients in the current job market.  ATignition does this in two ways.  First it helps our clients address their most needed It and Business aligned skillsets using a build vs a buy approach.  Secondly, it helps job seekers who are either first entering the professional workforce, or are looking for a career shift into the realm of business and IT align to the most critically needed areas of our organization.   The program leverages ATIs relationships with universities and higher educational institutions in the Midwest region.  ATI recruits directly from these campuses and invests in the development of the individuals starting prior to their graduation date.   This program addresses both the challenges of our client’s workforce pipelines, while preparing our entry level consultants with precisely the right skills, certifications, and experience to be successful in their initial client roles.  There are currently two career trajectories within ATignition, Software Engineering and Data Analytics with future offerings to come.   

Our Practices

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is in the alignment of their various ERP capabilities to their specific business processes and getting the most out of their ERP investment. ATI has experienced teams of consultants who can take on most initiatives and challenges from upgrades to end to end implementations. Our consultants can be engaged on a staff augmentation basis for short term efforts or point expertise, but we have created solution-based offerings around four core ERP offerings.
Database Maintenance and Migration:
Data Migration Quality: Every organization’s ERP data is unique to their business, and there is no standard template that is all inclusive for ERP data migration and maintenance. Our teams have developed best practices to address challenges, this includes reduction of data redundancy, increasing data integrity through validation and formatting.
Stakeholder buy-in:
If you take a cross section of an organization and ask various stakeholders about a specific data element of their ERP master data, it isn’t uncommon to get varying responses as to what data represents and what degrees of variance are tolerable. As a part of our migration efforts, we work with our clients to obtain a single version of the truth across the organization and various business units. This insures not only a higher degree of data quality, but it also promotes a better understanding of basis of the core data set.

Regulatory compliance:
When transferring data keeping in compliance with industry and government regulations is paramount. We can navigate existing regulatory standards while helping our clients plan for upcoming new legislation and practices.

Module Configuration, Custom Development, Reporting and Analytics:
Organizations implement ERP solutions to optimize their business operations and to mitigate the risk of blind decision making. With access to the right data sets and proper strategy for reporting and analytics data become obtainable and most importantly, actionable. We have analytics and reporting professionals that can leverage the wealth of data obtainable within your ERP environment for Financials (FICO), Manufacturing Optimization, Customer Retention, Human Capital Management, or any other areas of organizational focus. We can assist clients in challenges ranging from the identification of their key performance indicators (KPIs), to the identification of the specific data elements and the development of the reports necessary to give them the visibility for decision making. Where stock reporting isn’t providing the insights needed, our practice experts are well versed in multiple reporting tools to supplement the report development efforts.

ERP Mentorship, Certification, and Junior Talent:

In addition to providing senior level ERP consultants and services to our clients, ATI runs a junior talent program dedicated to developing emerging talent and the next generation of ERP professionals. This is beneficial to our clients in two ways. First, it allows our clients scale their teams at a lower blended cost than using only senior level resources for scalability. Secondly, our clients get the ability to watch junior level consultants perform in their ERP team and environment, with the option at the end of contract to fill FTE positions as needs arise with these junior consultants. Our ERP Practice Leads provide point expertise and delivery quality oversight to give our clients confidence in the work being delivered. We partner with university programs, and ERP software providers to train top notch ERP consultants for the future.

Salesforce CRM :

Effective CRM starts first with an understanding of an organization, their processes and workflows, and how those can be optimized using the Salesforce platform. Too often, we encounter Salesforce instances where a template approach has been taken which hinders access to the critical customer data needed to have effective sales and marketing. Our Salesforce practice is made up of seasoned implementors that have worked cross industry across numerous organizations. This experience, gives them the ability to innovate and leverage configuration and a knowledge base of code they have used in previous clients, to create a best of class Salesforce platform for any size organization or enterprise. Our teams are comfortable doing everything from point expertise and design work, to full blown first time conversions and implementations of the Salesforce platform and can be scaled accordingly to be flexible with your needs.

Solutions Services​

Regardless of the engagement model, we try to provide an ATI leadership structure to our employees, to provide them training, HR support, mentoring and professional support. This makes for confident and happy consultants, which makes for a better-quality engagement. We focus on experienced hires, who can hit the ground running at your organization. At ATI we can provide a team, across the staffing continuum, that fits your organizations goals.
Staff Augmentation: We can supplement your team in a one resource at a time manner, to add throughput to your team.
Jointly Managed Team: We can provide a team to own and manage projects, processes or products, where ATI takes on the risk and the management activities
Hybrid team: We can provide a mix of ownership and staff pooling to share ownership and risk across the partnership. We can also add the offshore elements into a hybrid model, where appropriate.
Managed Team / Solution Services: ATI can take ownership of working with you to assess your problem, build a solution. And own the project, process, and quality of the solution. We can take ownership, and leave you and your leadership to work on other focus areas of your organization.
Available Offshore Development: ATI can offer offshore development to help reduce the cost of development and ownership to our partners
Available Offshore Support: We can offer support contracts that we manage with our local team for support during regular business hours or to take over in the Off-business hours.

Quality Assurance

Verbiage: Our experienced QA & Testing teams provide independent validation services to deliver high quality products and solutions. We have a proven track record to deliver software quality assurance and software testing services for varied market software applications and products, including custom and proprietary.
Our software engineers are well versed and trained in enterprise architectures and processes like continuous testing, SAFe, Agile, and TDD practices. We provide automated test solutions to overcome all types of testing challenges and implement a tailored QA strategy for desired outcomes, which helps our clients to speed up product, design and delivery while reducing their costs.

Project management

Frequently, our clients need project and program management expertise for their business and IT efforts. This could be because they don’t have the proper method or subject experts on their team, or because they have a particularly problematic effort underway that requires some course correction and assessment for recovery.

ATI has a pool of Project Management and Program Management experts that we can align to these challenges our clients face. The skill sets in this area range from junior level talent , to experts in project delivery with decades of experience. Our expanded network crosses industry, methodology preference, and implementation type.

Management Consulting

Sometimes, a client needs assistance from outside of their organization to drive a vision and the decisions necessary take their business to the next level.
ATI is deeply rooted in the Management Consulting Industry from our ownership, to our practice and capability leadership. We have seasoned leadership that have helped our clients roadmap their future paths, align their organizational structures, and reformulate their corporate culture and leadership trajectory. These leaders are available to our clients on a full or part time basis, depending if the need is for point expertise, or full time spearheading an effort.